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As a speaker of English, German, Dutch and Greek, I know how to listen – really listen. I consider myself a curious being who thrives in international environments and deeply enjoys listening to people’s stories. As a certified life-coach and eco-beauty expert with over 30 years’ experience, I have listened to many so far. True beauty is an inside job, in that it is essential to do the inner work before beauty can emerge on the outside. By guiding my clients through this process of discovery and growth, I help them become the heroes of their own story. But it’s not all about work; a playful outlook keeps us open to discovery and change. By guiding my clients through this process of revelation and growth, I help them become the heroes of their own story.

I was 23 the first time I heard about coaching. I was keen to learn more, despite some people close to me dismissing it as ‘brainwashing’. I remained open and curious, paying attention as the field developed, educating myself, even while moving into a career in beauty therapy. Over time, I came to see not only the limitless potential of coaching sessions to transform lives, but also that the work I was doing to transform people externally was most successful when clients were also working to transform their internal lives. I realised that that coaching was not ‘brainwashing’, but rather a ‘brain spa’, for anyone willing to do the work to examine their lives and explore their truest nature. I applied all of this insight to my own life, as my career changed and developed, and as I came into my own power – the kind of power that can only come from age and experience. Coaching isn’t just a job for me. It’s a lifetime of accumulated learning and experience that I share with those ready to take their own journey to find their truest nature.

I believe there has never been a better time to express your own truth and to live a happy life. What matters is to live a life that is aligned with your true nature, and to live it from your heart. It's the healthiest way to express self-love and create happiness for ourselves and in our world. The best transformations have an element of magnetism to them; your growth will not only attract the right opportunities, but it will inspire others around you to grow too. Imagine a world in which we all were living a heart-centred life! If you are an entrepreneur, an artist, a motivator, an innovator, a scientist, or something that defies classification, the world needs you. Take your seat at the table place and express yourself. Beyond a career transformation, or a personal transformation, this is a transformation and clarification of your unique essence. It’s the true value that you bring to the world. 

I’m a foodie

I love learning

Sustainability is a core value

Beauty-seeker and maker 


Diversity enriches everything

Love being in nature

Uplift yourself  




Create a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.



Moving into the truest expression of your unique abilities.




Bringing your message clear to your audience with your look.

Through one on one customised clarity sessions, we focus on discovering your true potential. You will learn to let go of what’s holding you back and create a new direction with ease and clarity. I can help you to examine your core talents, learn to reframe ‘problems’ as ‘challenges’, and hone in on your ‘why’ to find meaning in your work.

We will identify and master the tools you need to step into the truest version of yourself and mark your place in the world. My toolbox is diverse, like life itself, allowing us to draw on a range of analytical, mindful and spiritual resources as we rebuild your true sense of self.

With my guidance, you will explore questions about your work, life, and personal branding, to move into the truest expression of your unique abilities.


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Give yourself space and take the time to listen so you can thrive and move into the truest expression of your unique abilities.

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