Eliminate stress &  lift up your life.

  Are things moving in the right direction?
       Has life around you changed and you need help changing with it? 
       Are you moving into a new field and need help in changing gears?
       Are you happy with your life & career?
   Do you want to lift up your life and live in abundance?
   Are you communicating your worth at work clearly?
      Are you a coach or trainer and do you want to start your coaching business but need guidance and direction? 

If you are seeking direction and clarity I can help.


I work with heart-driven professionals to connect and express their unique abilities, so they can create a life that they desire and stand out in a sea of distraction and noise. 


“The coaching sessions I had with Stamatia were truly powerful and created the space for me to reconnect with myself and my true potential in the most wonderful and unexpected way"

— Oana Iancu , Chinese Medicine Therapist   


ABOUT Stamatía

As a speaker of English, German, Dutch and Greek, I know how to listen – really listen. I consider myself a curious being who thrives in international environments and deeply enjoys listening to people’s stories. As a certified life-coach and eco-beauty expert with over 30 years’ experience, I have listened to many so far. True beauty is an inside job, in that it is essential to do the inner work before beauty can emerge on the outside. By guiding my clients through this process of discovery and growth, I help them become the heroes of their own story.

My mission is to help you inhabit a happier life




Learn to express your full potential with ease and clarity so that you can make a difference in your world.  Let go of whatever is holding you back to create a new direction for your career and life, so you can step into the fullest expression of your abilities and being in abundance.

Helping people step into their full potential from the inside out makes me happy.

Yoga at Home

Lift up your life

Uncovering your

true nature

Uplifting your frequency

Creating a heart-centred career  

Give yourself space to explore what makes you really happy, 

so you can create a new direction with ease and clarity. 

Why is understanding your true nature important?

        It is knowing your worth

        It is acting from a place of self-confidence

        It is discovering your purpose & expressing yourself  to the world


        It is living in abundance 

Are you ready to step into your true nature?


Get started


Perhaps you already know which area of your life needs clarity. 

      Perhaps you feel that something is holding you back to live a fulfilled life. 

      Maybe you feel there’s a lack of balance and purpose in your life.

      It might be your career that needs particular attention.


      You need guidance in starting your coaching business.

Join me for a free introductory session to clarify which part of your life to focus on.

Starry Sky
Walking you through your
Meditating in Nature
YOUR true nature in
personal brand
Through one-on-one customised sessions, we will get clarity about your true nature, demystifying your dreams, learn to let go what’s holding you back, visualise your future and create new direction and living in abundance. 


“For me, you are a role model when it comes to transferring the beauty expert into the personality who is able to create a healing process (not only, but) through beauty!”​

Pauline Klieber --  Designer / Illustrator 

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Ready to work together?


Get in touch so that we can discuss how we can work together in finding your way to yourself and helping you to move into the truest expression of your unique abilities.

Clarity talk one on one can be off & online.

Have a question?

Send me a message +31(0)642316838

or an e-mail: stamatia@stamatia.com

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Make the

difference today 

I'm happy to help you to step into the truest expression of your unique abilities.

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