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Discover how to live a life full of meaning and confidence with my heart-smart approach.

Learn to clear your mind, open your heart, and trust your intuition for a more fulfilling life.

Perhaps you’re yet to experience your first big break, even though you know how much you have to offer. Something is stopping you and you’re ready to find out what it is.

Maybe you find yourself at a crossroads.

You’re returning after a break from your career, or you’re moving into a new field. Thinking to leave your full-time job and building a business. You need help changing gears and finding the right direction.

Perhaps you already know which area of your life needs clarity. 

Do you ever feel like there’s something preventing you from living a fulfilling life? Perhaps you’re experiencing a lack of balance or purpose, and your career requires more attention. You may also be interested in learning how to set boundaries and practice self-love to cultivate a healthy relationship. Remember, it’s possible to achieve both a happy personal life and a successful professional one.

Through one-on-one sessions, we will get clarity about your true nature. Learn to let go of what’s holding you back, uplift yourself create a new direction and live your best life.

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1.Develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your values.

Developing a deeper understanding of your personal values and beliefs can serve as a compass in your life. It helps you gain a clearer understanding of yourself, provides direction, and assists in setting healthy boundaries.

2. Manage stress and anxiety more effectively.

Enhancing your mental and emotional well-being helps you achieve a greater sense of balance and control in life, enabling you to access your creative side.

3.Increase your confidence and self-esteem.

Increasing confidence and self-esteem, settinging achievable goals and celebrate when you reach them. Also, practicing positive self-talk and focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses. Engaging in activities that make you feel good about yourself.

4. Overcome limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that may be holding you back.

Unfavorable self-talk and restricting beliefs can hinder you from realizing your aspirations. The key to overcoming these patterns is to acknowledge and challenge them. I help you to replace limiting beliefs with positive, empowering thoughts and consistently practice them. Then gradually, you can restructure your mindset to think optimistically, resulting in greater happiness and success.

5.Improve your communication and interpersonal skills.

Strengthening your communication and interpersonal skills is key to fostering healthier relationships, avoiding misunderstandings, accomplishing your objectives more efficiently, and forming positive bonds and meaningful connection with those around you. 

“Present and focused, Stamatia is asking the right questions, putting situations in perspective, and enabling me to discover my blind spots and connect the dots throughout my lifetime journey. In both professional and personal aspects. After each session, I feel I become a better version of myself. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

— Ramona, Entrepreneur

About Stamatía

As a speaker of English, German, Dutch and Greek, I know how to listen – really listen. I consider myself a curious being, who thrives in international environments and deeply enjoys listening to people’s stories. As a certified life coach with many years of experience, have listened to many so far. Happiness is an inside job, in that it is essential to do the inner work before success emerges on the outside and creates a happy life. 

Clear mind, open heart and trust in your intuition. 

By guiding my clients through this process of discovery and growth, I help them become the heroes of their own stories to flourish in life and business.


Client Feedback

“I needed to get a new prespective on things, and for this I had a few sessions with Stamatia, who has been an amazing guide through the process to self-discovery. She has helped me see things from a new angle, and see them as they are. She has supported the transformation to this new perspective and understanding things better with great, relevant questions, and by using psychological techniques to better self-understanding, setting boundaries, adjusting my approach to things, and having a clearer picture of where I am in life. This has been a great experience, which led to important, positive changes in my life. I am really grateful for the opportunity to be supported by Stamatia and her profound knowledge of human nature, which helped in this positive transition..”

- G. Senior Publisher Toxicology

“Ik was zoekende met mijn bedrijf; Stamatia merkte dit op en bracht helderheid. Ze wist mij vertrouwen te geven en richting, waardoor alles ging stromen.”

“I was searching with my company; Stamatia noticed this and brought clarity. She managed to give me confidence and direction, which made everything flow.”

- FEMM Amsterdam Artist / Designer



Happier Life


If you are seeking direction &  clarity I can help with my heartsmart approach – clear mind, open heart and trusting your intuition.

Happier Life-Bold, Confident and Meaningful. Stamatia Life Coaching

My mission is to help you unfold your full potential with ease and clarity so that you can make a difference in your personal and professional life.

Let go of whatever is holding you back to create a new direction step into the fullest expression of your abilities and create a fulfilled life.

Helping people step into their full potential, love themselves and start creating from a heart-centred mind and expressing their true selves makes me happy.


“The coaching sessions I had with Stamatia were truly powerful and created the space for me to reconnect with myself and my true potential in the most wonderful and unexpected way”

— Oana Iancu , Chinese Medicine Therapist

Elevating your life, relationships & Career to new heights with my HeartSmart approach. Working on:

Identifying Heart Desires: Discovering what brings you joy and happiness. Nurturing Emotional Well-being: Allowing yourself to express creativity. Strengthening Intuition: Learning to trust your instincts. Setting Healthy Boundaries: Prioritizing self-determination over people-pleasing. Building Resilience: Responding to life’s challenges with resourcefulness. Conquering Fears: Overcoming obstacles to achieve your goals. Rediscovering Your Inner Child: Practicing self-compassion and care. Re-evaluating Relationships: Building strong, healthy connections. Untangling Systemic Family Dynamics: Breaking free from unhelpful family patterns. Finding Your Life and Career Purpose: Developing a clear vision and mission. Pursuing Your Heartfelt Vision: Taking actionable steps towards your goals. Boosting Confidence: Transforming limiting beliefs for greater self-assurance. Improving Communication: Expressing yourself with authenticity and honesty. Exploring Ancestral Dynamics: Connecting with your heritage to learn from the past and move forward with clarity.




Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.


Clear mind, open heart, trust in your intuition. 



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